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€3/GB for residential sneaker proxies?!!? 😨

Yep, no catch. Stop overpaying for proxies. These proxies checkout, see all the success on Twitter. Here’s what else you get:


Loads of unbanned proxies for Supreme, FTL, SNKRS, BSTN, and more. Check our Discord server for updates on which sites/regions are working right now.

Non expiry

You keep your GBs until you’ve used them. They never expire.

Unlimited proxy generation

Generate as many proxies as you like and filter out the ones you don’t want.

”New proxy GOAT?” The word is getting out ...

About BTW

BTW: more than just sneaker proxies

BTW Proxy is part of the BotsThatWork brand. If you know us from BotsThatWork.com or BTWbot, you know we’re all about providing value and being helpful.

Our goal is to be your helpful friend who wants you to succeed despite the inevitable rough seas you’ll face in botting.

A good place to start exploring BTW is our big and lively Discord server, but for anything related to our residential proxies go to our dedicated BTW Proxy Discord server.

Tutorials and Support

Join BTW Proxy Discord for detailed tutorials and support.


How can I check my data usage?

You can view your data usage by logging into the dashboard.

How can I maximise my proxy speeds?

Filter your proxies carefully. 1. Generate at least 100 proxies 2. Test them on fogldn proxy tester. 3. Remove slow and banned proxies. That way you'll only have fast proxies left.

Does my data expire?

No, there is no expiry date on your data. It only runs out when you’ve used it all.

How do I generate new proxies?

To generate proxies, you’ll first create an account. After you log in go to the homepage and purchase the plan you want. Then head over to your dashboard to generate proxies. You’ll be asked for a user:pass for your residential proxies. After that it will grant you access to the generator from which you can select the location and amount.

What is the best software to test proxies?

Fogldn is a free proxy tester tool, you can download it on their website.

Do you offer customer service?

Yes, create a ticket in BTW Proxy discord if you need a hand with anything.

Are your proxies not working or are banned?

Generate new proxies and try those. There are plenty of unbanned and fast proxies in our IP pool. You’ll eventually find the perfect combination.

Why do my proxies come out as a different country than where I generated them from?

The IP you see there is for the proxy gateway which works hard to find you the fastest available residential connection. Once you request a web page/data, your connection completes and you're in a high-speed tunnel to success!

Do you offer refunds?

All of our digital sales are final, meaning no refunds or returns.

What can I do to make sure I only use the best proxies for drops?

Filtering your proxies is a must! That way you can remove slow and banned proxies from the site you will be using them for. Here is how: 1. Generate 100 proxies 2. Test them on fogldn proxy tester. 3. Remove slow and banned proxies.

Do these proxies work for Adidas, Shopify, Supreme, Footsites and Nike SNKRS?

Check our Discord server for updates on which sites/regions our residential proxies are working on now.

Can I use these proxies with my bot?

Yes! Our proxies are fully compatible with sneaker bots.

Why is my data being used up even though I'm not using the proxies?

The only way data will be used is by running the proxies with requests. Check all of your bots or software to make sure data isn’t being used if you see random amounts of being used.

Does generating proxies use data?

No, it does not. Data is only used once proxies are entered into one of your bots.